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                                                                 Rooms 1-4 Have Kitchenettes  Rooms 5-10 Do Not 

Stay 6 Consecutive Nights And The 7th Night Is Free  -  Parking At Your Door
Our Rooms Are Guaranteed To Be Clean
Sorry, No Pets

Rooms - 2 Double Beds
Cable Television - Air Conditioning -
Carpet In All Rooms - Electric Heat
Showers - Free WIFI
Kitchenettes With Full Size Refrigerator  
2 Burner Electric Cook Top
All Pots / Pans / Dishes / Utensils
Coffee Pots In Every Room

Large Flat Parking Lot With Electric Hook Ups

Covered Picnic Area  -  2 Picnic Tables
2 Charcoal Grills and 1 Large Grill
Fish Cleaning Station|
Fenced Playground For Young Children
This is a typical kitchenette This is a typical kitchenette


This is  a typical sleeping room This is a typical sleeping room

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